5 Things I Learned at the MA Conference for Women

When you are a solo attorney (or solo anything for that matter), it’s always nice to get out and meet people when you get the opportunity.  You know, the type of opportunity where you get to put on nice clothes, have lunch out, and enjoy the company of others.  Well, yesterday I had a great opportunity to do just that.

I went on a fabulous field trip to meet new people, learn some interesting lessons, and grow as a business owner.  I attended the Massachusetts Conference for Women.  It’s the largest conference for women in the United States.  (I heard rumors that there were over 8,000 attendees!)

I would love to share just a little of what I learned from some of yesterday’s amazing speakers.

1.  From Dr. Brené Brown, Shame Researcher & Author of Daring Greatly

“It’s about showing up and daring greatly.”

You can say this about life, work, relationships, love, and just about everything we do as human beings.  You might win.  You might lose.  But you will certainly fail if you don’t show up and try.

After hearing these words in the morning keynote address, I lived them in the first breakout session, The Disruptive Innovation of You.  During Q&A with speaker Whitney Johnson, I asked a question that got a few laughs.  It also got me a few business cards.  Sticking my hand up and asking a question in a room full of women got me noticed and remembered.  Women came up to me all day saying “Hey, you’re the woman who asked that great question.”


2.  From Whitney Johnson, Regular Contributor to the Harvard Business Review Blog & Author of Dare, Dream, Do

“If it feels scary and lonely, you are probably on the right track.”

I think this pretty much sums up the entrepreneurs life, no matter what dream you are pursuing.


3.  From Jean Chatzky, The Today Show financial contributor

“Saving money will always be no fun.”

It’s the same logic as “Why are things that taste good so bad for us?”  Saving money may not get you the shiny new object of your desire, but it gets you peace of mind.  Which do you want more?


4.  From Arianna Huffington, Founder of the Huntington Post & Author

“Make changing the world part of your daily agenda then Grace will be extended.”

If everyone consciously did just a little something to make this world better, every day, then the world would get better.  It’s up to us.



5.  Also from Arianna Huffington…

“Everything in my life happened to me because a man wouldn’t marry me.”

It’s amazing how often you can look back on your life and see all of the times when what seemed like something really bad actually turned out to be something really good.

I was so inspired by yesterday’s program.  I woke up today with so much energy and excitement, and I just wanted to share a little of that with you.

Have a great weekend!